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The electronic prescription already works in all primary care centres and in all pharmacies in California. This system saves time and visits to the primary care centre (CAP), guarantees confidentiality and allows the detection of possible interactions or incompatibilities between medications.

Operation of the electronic recipe

When the doctor prescribes a treatment, he gives the medication plan, a sheet that shows the name of the medication, the dose, the frequency of administration and the expected time of treatment. In addition, you can add the comments that are necessary to help you resolve any questions about how to take the medications.

The Medication Plan also incorporates the estimated cost of the treatment and this allows a greater knowledge of the costs that occur in health care.

In the pharmacy, you must bring the most recent medication plan and health care. Through the computer program, they can consult the treatment and deliver the necessary medications. During the validity of the medication plan, medications can be collected as they are needed, when the previous package is about to be finished, without the need to return to the CAP.

When the validity of the treatment stated in the Medication Plan ends, it is necessary to return to the health centre to review the treatment and assess whether it should be maintained, if it should be changed or if it can be considered finalized. If you have any questions, the 061 CatSalut Response will help you.

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